St. Lukes Lutheran School

Welcome to St. Luke's Lutheran School

We believe in opportunity-- the opportunity for every child to learn, grow and succeed. We are delighted to announce that St. Luke's Lutheran School earned Exemplary Status by the National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission. Only a handful of schools across the country earn Exemplary Status for demonstrating innovative leadership through the implementation of Best Practices related to the academic quality and spiritual development of its students.

School's Purpose - St. Luke's strives to provide each student an education that: promotes a life rich in prayer, Bible study, worship, witness, and service; presents a curriculum based on sound benchmarks taught by dedicated, experienced teachers, in the Light of God's Word, the Lutheran Confessions, and the Christian faith; celebrates, recognizes, and encourages each student's individuality, uniqueness, self-worth, and God given talents; fosters a cooperative ministry between the school and our parents.


Each student at St. Luke's has the unique opportunity to learn the skills necessary for life-long enjoyment of music. Our instrumental ensembles and choirs perform at school concerts, church worship services and outreach events.


Academic opportunities surround our students at St. Luke's Lutheran School. They consistently rank in the top 10% nationally, thanks to our certified staff of teachers.


At St. Luke's Lutheran School we not only believe opportunity is the difference, we also believe that difference shows in our students.


Physical Education gives every student the opportunity to learn cooperation, basic motor skills, and a variety of complex physical activities as they relate to fitness, conditioning, and sports.