St. Lukes Lutheran School



We believe a solid foundation in the early years is basic to future success in learning, which is why our teachers take every opportunity to encourage the growth of your child with love, patience and understanding. Our program not only offers children what they need to prepare for future schoolwork and life experiences, but also instill a positive self image, confidence in their abilities, and the assurance of God's love. Our goal is to help your child grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.

To learn more about our Transitional Kindergarten program, please click here. 

St. Luke's Preschool utilizes Creative Curriculum which is a research based curriculum that creates learning environments that meet children's developmental needs. 

Handwriting Without Tears is a systematic, consistent and developmentally appropriate way to teach handwriting that uses play and physical and sensory experiences to learn. 

Conscious Discipline is an emotional intelligence program consisting of Brain Smart strategies for responding rather than reacting to life events. It is a research based program proven to increase academic achievement, decrease problem behaviors and improve the quality of relationships between student to student, teacher to student, parent and child, and teacher to parent. 

ONE is the Christian curriculum which focuses on one bible story per week taught in various ways using puppets, reenactments, story readings, etc. to teach children stories from the Old and New Testament.