St. Lukes Lutheran School

Before & After School Programs

All of our extracurricular activities take place on campus at St. Luke's. To sign up for these after school activities, you will work directly with the company to sign up for the days and times you desire. Many of these clubs vary by time of year and frequency, to give parents and students the best opportunity for variety.

  • Mind Lab
  • Zumba Kids
  • Lego Robotics
  • Champion Martial Arts
  • Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts
  • Little Linksters
  • Soccer Shots

Extended Care Program

St. Luke's Lutheran School views children as precious resources given by God and acknowledges its responsibility 'along with parents' for their care and nurture.

Therefore, St. Luke's Lutheran School strives to carry out its mission by establishing and maintaining a program of Extended School Care to provide a safe, secure, caring and Christian setting for the children of the St. Luke's Lutheran School family.

This program is for SLLS children, grades K-8, whose parents, due to work-related responsibilities, find it difficult to provide care for their child(ren) before and/or after the regular school day.


  • Activities will be supervised and age-appropriate.
  • A snack and recreational time are provided.
  • A study hall is provided for students in grades 2-8.

All charges will be made through school billing procedures and will appear on the regular monthly statement. If your child stays following AR/Resource Time, detention, or any before/after club/athletic event, you will be charged the ESC rate. Any delinquent fees will be handled according to the established policy of St. Luke's Lutheran School Board.