St. Lukes Lutheran School

Tuition Assistance and Discounts

We are very proud of the outstanding program we provide to our students and families while maintaining a tuition level that costs significantly less than comparable academic institutions. While some schools are cutting their academic offerings, St. Luke's continues to prosper and expand, with opportunities in music, art, athletics and many other areas. This is made possible through the continued generous support of St. Luke's Lutheran Church, which is committed to providing a high-quality, Christian education available to the families in our area.

At St. Luke's Lutheran School, we do not want to turn away any child due to issues with funding. We remain committed to helping families who have come upon hard times by providing financial assistance to as many students as possible. The following discounts and scholarships apply to kindergarten through eighth grade students only. 

Church Member Scholarship

Members of St. Luke's Lutheran Church may apply for a 10% scholarship. St. Luke's provides this scholarship to help provide for the Christian education of member families.  

Tuition Assistance

St. Luke's has a number of tuition assistance programs to help provide a Christian education for families who may not otherwise be able to afford an education at St. Luke's. Applications for need-based tuition assistance are available by downloading the pdf below. These financial aid applications must be completed online through FACTS along with the $30 processing fee, not later than April 1, 2017 for consideration. Families must have completed all registration paperwork, paid the Enrollment fee, and have met eligibility criteria in order to receive financial aid.

Discount for Pre-Payment

A discount of 1% is offered if full tuition is paid by 8/1.

Multi-Child Discounts

A 10% discount is offered for the second child (K-8) in the immediate family. The third child (or any additional) receive a 20% discount.