St. Lukes Lutheran School


St. Luke's thrives with the outstanding volunteer assistance from parents outside-walkwayand friends. If you would like to volunteer, whether it be a Homeroom Parent, a Field Trip Chaperone, or volunteer in our Media Center, you must fill out the appropriate form. Please take a moment to read through the different volunteer opportunities we have, and fill-out the form according to your desire. Some volunteer positions require additional background information.

For those volunteers looking to assist at St. Luke's, the following guidelines apply:

  • For someone wanting to: Chaperone a one-day only class trip, volunteer with a class or group for a non-instructional activity, complete the Volunteer Personnel Form. Forms are located at the school front desk or you can download at the bottom of this page.
  • For someone wanting to: be a room parent, transport students (in addition to their own child) during the school day to a St. Luke's sponsored activity, complete the Background Authorization Form. Additional information is required from drivers, contact Human Resources ( for more information.
  • For someone wanting to be a(n): Media Center volunteer, instructional volunteer in a classroom, chaperone an overnight class trip, member of the PTL Board, complete the fingerprinting/Level II background check process (conducted on an appointment-only basis). Contact Human Resources ( to schedule.

Note: Opportunities to volunteer listed above are only a partial listing. Volunteers must follow school policies and procedures. All are subject to administrative approval.